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Ballet Dress Code

dres codeUniforms create unity and are a badge of honor as higher levels are achieved. Undergarments should not be worn as leotards or exposed in class. Nude leotards are available that can be worn under the official uniform for students that would like the modesty of an additional layer of clothing. Skirts may be worn for Pointe. Hair must be securely contained in a bun. Students with their hair not up in an appropriate manner will be asked to leave class.

The RC Ballet Conservatory adheres to the dress code from the ABT National Training Curriculum. The appropriate ABT Uniform must be worn for ABT all Curriculum Examinations.

IDC-ABT Academy Collection is the provider of the official dance wear. All students must wear uniform to class, matching ABT dance skirts available to be worn in center or during pointe work only.

Primary (includes Kinderdance and Princess Ballet)

Primary A & B — White ABT Leotard with skirt and pink tights
Primary C — Candy pink ABT leotard with skirt and pink tights
Level 1 A/B — Aqua ABT leotard and pink tights.
Level 2 A/B — Lilac ABT leotard and pink tights
Level 3 A/B — Magenta ABT leotard and pink tights
Level 4 A/B — China Blue ABT leotard and pink tights
Level 5 —  Violet ABT leotard and pink tights
Level 6 —  Sapphire ABT leotard and pink tights
Level 7 —  Black ABT leotard and pink tights

Black shorts, pants or tights, fitted white t-shirt, white socks and black ballet slippers.

Pre-Professional Ballet Training Program Students
Wear Moi leotard in grey, available only on: www.wearmoi.us/en/leotards/216-duchesse. Rehearsal Tutu, uniform as detailed above, waistband for Ballet Classes (one white for black leotards and one black for other leotards), ballet shoes/pointe shoes are ALWAYS with you, ballet bun in back of head (not top), no jewelry or watches.

Dance Bag Requirements for Ballet Levels 3+

All dancers in Ballet Levels 3 and up should have the following in their dance bags at all times- ALL DANCE SHOES, including pointe shoes, toe pads, hair brush, hair ties, hair pins, and hair nets (all you require to have your hair in a bun for class), pointe shoe repair kit, small scissors, and ICE PACKS. We will keep these on hand for emergencies, but if you find you are needing an ice pack weekly, please bring your own!

Other Classes
Master Classes
Master classes dress code is a solid black leotard.

Yoga class members should wear comfortable exercise clothes.

All ladies must wear their hair in a bun.

Black character shoes with a 1” heel. Bloch Children’s Rhythm 1 Inch Heel Buckle Character Shoe or Capezio Children’s 1” Academy Character Shoe are recommended.

Ballet Slippers
Pink leather or canvas ballet slippers for ladies and black for gentlemen. Bloch split sole shoe is recommended.


Pointe Shoe Policy
Pointe work requires a high level of strength, focus and physical development. At age 10 young ladies can request to be evaluated for Pointe Shoes. At this stage of a young dancer’s life bones and muscles are still forming thus the decision must be approached with are and caution. It is the RC Ballet Conservatory’s policy that young ladies under the age of 14 must agree to complete a minimum of 1-year of curriculum classes of their level during their first year on Pointe. The Director and Faculty will also determine the appropriateness of students performing on Pointe on a case by case basis. If after 1-year of curriculum classes it is determined by the Director and Faculty that the student has developed the strength necessary for Pointe work on a modified curriculum students can request a conference with the Director to create a customized schedule. Each student will be handled on a case by case basis as deemed appropriate by their personal physical development. The Director and Faculty have created this policy in order limit injuries and to ensure the safety and well-being of each student.

Daily Ballet Dress Code
Monday - Thursday
All students must wear curriculum leotards, pink tights, pink ballet shoes/pointe shoes when applicable for ladies, black ballet shoes for gentlemen, and hair mid-bun.

Free Friday! (Dance Attire Only)

Primary-Level 2 curriculum leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes and hair in a mid bun.
Level 3 and up may wear black leotards.

Free Dance Attire (must wear leotard)


Commercial Dance Dress Code
Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Kickettes
Solid colored leotard and dance shorts, leggings and/or tights. No t-shirts, dance attire only. Hair in mid-bun or ponytail. Black Oxford, Full-Soled Tap Shoes for Tap for dancers older than 6. Black Jazz Shoes for Jazz. Foot Undies or Bare feet for Contemporary. Nude character shoes with a minimum 1" heel for Kickettes.

Hip Hop
Open Dance Attire – no midriff showing, please. Hair in a ponytail. Jazz shoes, jazz sneakers or tennis shoes (not worn on street). Please no Vans or Converse Sneakers.


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